paragliding school zlatibor

Paragliding School ZLatibor

Tailored approach 
to each student

Up to one year of continuous training

Individual approach to paragliding lessons that 
meets your physical capabilities and your availability. 
You will train together until you’re ready to earn your 

individual paragliding training

Basic paragliding lessons

Get License recognized by 
CAD of the Republic of Serbia and FAI.

A journey designed to introduce you to the basics 
of paragliding. Modern training concepts that 
include theory lessons, on field training and a lot 
of fun in the air.

Learn to Fly
basic paragliding lessons

Paragliding Lessons 1 on 1

It starts with theory classes - tapping into a concept of flying, equipment, regulations, rules and safety.

You will learn how to read the weather to be capable of enjoying flying to the best. What do clouds tell us, what are wind intervals, how to spot thermals and when to expect turbulence.

You'll get familiar with the equipment on the ground. How to control the wing in all situations. This process will build your foundation as a pilot and help you master your flying skills in the future.

You will learn all about safety equipment and in flight safety procedures. How to avoid or recover from a dangerous situation, how to properly use reserve, and of course a lot of good rules to avoid all that.

You will start with basic takeoffs and landings on school terrains. During this course your skills will advance until you're able to do takeoffs and landings in more challenging terrains and conditions.

After you become confident with the most important elements of flying, takeoffs and landings, you'll start practicing some more advanced flying techniques such as soaring and flying in thermals.

Basics of paragliding

Grab your first 
paragliding equipment

During the basic paragliding course you’ll get a special 
opportunity to purchase a complete new set including 
paraglider, rescue and harness from U-turn paragliders.

uturn paragliding harness
uturn hike and fly equipment
uturn paragliding gear
uturn paragliding equipment
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Improve Specific flying techniques



In flight 

Takeoffs & 



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Siv course

Learn how to deal with and recover from the 
unexpected from Legendary Acro pilot Petar Loncar

Simulation of incidents in flight, the first step in maximising 
safety and getting confidence in flight. SIV course is suitable 
for any licensed pilot looking to increase the level of safety 
and flying techniques

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siv course serbia

Tandem paragliding 

Learn from the pilot with over 15 years of 
experience and more than 10 000 tandem flights

This is a course aimed at pilots who seek to fly in 
tandem in a safer way. Come and improve your 
level of flight learning in a friendly environment, 
full of techniques and tips that will lead you to 
evolve your understanding of flight.

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tandem paragliding lessons

Acro paragliding training

From a wingover to infinity tumbling 
master your acro flying with Petar Loncar

Master your tricks with Acro legend and, advance From 
basics to competition level pilot in one course. 
Learn how to do wingovers, SATs, helico’s infinity 
tumblings and more.

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acro paragliding training

Q&A on paragliding lessons

It normally takes from one month up to one year of training! You Will start with how the canopy is laid out, inflated and controlled by its brake lines. You'll then be ready to have your first flights down a gentle slope as well top to bottom flights from high altitude slopes! It really depends on you and your dedication to this sport.

Having a driver's licence is enough to be able to take the lessons and become a pilot, however for people without a driver's licence, you need to pass appropriate medical tests.

Anyone 15 years of age, who is medically fit to fly a paraglider and has a certified written consent of both parents or guardians to attend training.

Paragliding is safe as long as you make it safe. An experienced instructor will tell you that the most important thing to keep in mind when paragliding is not wind speed, air pressure, nor if there is visibility or not. In fact, not an external factor, but the attitude of a man and his preparedness.

To take the exam for the license you must have at least 15 h of flying,so the time depends on your commitment.

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